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Guidelines of the Research Data Centre for Education - FDZ Bildung

"Quality-assured research data are fundamental to scientific knowledge and they can serve as a basis for research in many ways, independent from their original assessment purpose." [1]


According to a currently defined desideratum in research infrastructures, the research data centre (FDZ Bildung) focuses its service on qualitative data, i.e. audio and audiovisual data and their numeric-textual analysis and documentation materials. A second priority is placed on processing and making available assessment instruments from quantitative surveys in school quality research at the level of questionnaires, scales and items and respective statistical indicators.

As a central access point for empirical educational research regarding archiving and provision of audio-visual and audio research data (AV data), assessment instruments (questionnaires and tests) and a comprehensive scales documentation, FDZ Bildung is guided by the following principles.

 Accessibility and visibility

Transparency and completeness

Long-term availibility and persistence

Quality assurance and needs orientation

Legal compiance


[1] For principles on dealing with research data, see the alliance of German science organisations (Allianz der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen): (last accessed on 01.08.2022).


Note: These guidelines are regularly checked and updated if necessary. They were last updated on 08/01/2018.

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