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The research data centre at DIPF

The research data centre for education at DIPF is a central access point for educational scientists and educational researchers with regard to archiving and provision of research data and assessment instruments from qualitative and quantitative research- in this role, FDZ Bildung acts as a partner in the national alliance, Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung  . At FDZ Bildung, relevant datasets and instruments are made accessible for secondary analysis via a central repository, in compliance with data protection regulations. The service is complemented by context information concerning the respective studies’ data and instruments, and linked publications. Corresponding to its profile, FDZ Bildung (so far) focuses on instruments and datasets from research on school and instructional quality.

Research Data

FDZ Bildung centres its acquisition strategy on research data from qualitative approaches resulting from educational research. These datasets are in some cases unique and they have been obtained at great effort, they are interesting for further qualitative as well as quantitative research approaches.

Following their registriation, users can inspect available observation and interview data, by means of anonymized transcripts and codings. For reasons of protecting personal rights, original audio and video data can only be used for research purposes. Users are required to register and submit an application stating their concrete research interest.

Assessment instruments

We provide questionnaires, scales and tests. Indexed scales and questionnaires are openly accessible and re-usable. Access to test instruments is limited, requiring registration and application.

This service targets an enhanced exchange of researchers regarding instruments. Therefore, indicators of instrument validity are openly accessible. We expect researchers to adhere to the regulations for good scientific practice when re-using the instruments and cite the copyright holder (in analogy to bibliographic references).

Quality assurance

The Research Data Centre for Education adheres to criteria outlined by the German Data Forum (  Kriterien des Rates für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten (RatSWD) für die Forschungsdaten-Infrastruktur (PDF)  ) and was accredited in October 2012. Moreover, FDZ Bildung has formulated its own guidelines.

Complaints office at RatSWD: RatSWD established a complaints office in July 2016. You can use a contact form on the website in case of a problem concerning the rightful use of data from FDZ Bildung which cannot be resolved in exchange with a responsible editor at  FDZ, to raise the issue with RatSWD. The contact form and details concerning the responsibility and procedure can be found on the RatSWD website: .


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