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Protected content at FDZ Bildung: How to get access?

Following your registration and login, you will principally be able to access the content provided by the German Research Data Centre for Education. An exception to this open access policy pertains to material containing personal data which is protected against general access for reasons of data privacy. Access to such contents can only be granted to qualified scientists with a certified research purpose, subject to application. A qualified person has acquired a doctorate and is working at a research institution or alternatively he or she is engaged in a commensurate research project. Details can be found in the Terms of Use for the Research Data Centre for Education.

The application procedure comprises two steps:

I. General Registration as a user

If you are not already registered as a user of the Research Data Centre for Education (FDZ Bildung), you will first of all need to register via the online application form.

 Register at FDZ Bildung

II. Apply for access to protected content at FDZ Bildung

Once you have registered as a user, you will receive an e-mail with your individual login data, which you can use to log onto the system. You can then access your user account to place an application for access to protected contents of the Research Data Centre for Education via the menu item "submit a new application".

The application procedure is based on an online form where you can select the requested data pool and state details concerning your research interest, institutional background, qualification respectively your supervisor. You will moreover be required to specify your research project. We will check your application after submission, and e-mail the outcome of this validation. In the case of an approval, the e-mail will contain information regarding further steps in the procedure.

In order to avoid the submission of unlawful applications and unlawful use, we run identification checks for each first-time application via POSTIDENT procedure. You will receive further information on this procedure in the course of submitting your application.

As an additional part of the application procedure, you will be required to agree to the Terms of Use:

Supplementary terms of use

The following terms are applicable in addition to the general terms of use with respect to using research data for which an additional application is needed.

I (the applicant) agree to the following terms which are supplementary to the general terms of use:

  1. I hereby certify that I have obtained a doctoral degree or that my research is supervised by a scientifically qualified member of staff at an established research institution, who equally recognises and signs these terms of use.
  2. In the case of a change of supervisor, I will duly inform the Research Data Center for Education via my user account, see the menu "alter my data", and I will send out a new application form for use, signed by the current supervisor.
  3. I am aware that use of the research data and instruments is limited to the research purpose stated in my application form. I will not publish the films/videos or other materials containing personal data, either in total or excerpts.
  4. I will not present or use personal data for initial or further training or teaching purposes. An exception to this rule is only perceivable if the video-based training as such is the object of research. A respective endeavour is specified in my application.
  5. The right to access the requested research data is limited to the duration of the research project for which the data are used with a maximum right of three years (beginning with the date of permission of an application). Users can submit a request for extending the period of access.

Online access to the data is limited to countries with an appropriate level of data protection. When moving to a country that does not provide for such a level of data protection, any downloaded data must be irrevocably deleted. A list of countries that currently provide for an adequate level of data protection can be found on the website of the European Commission:

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