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  • The following contents are searched: titles of scales, constructs, theoretical background, item-text.
  • Several search terms are automatically linked by "OR". You can link the words by "AND" if you tick the box "all words".
  • Blank spaces are used to separate search terms.
  • No distinction is made between small and capital letters.
  • Truncating: Search terms are not automatically truncated. You can use a * or % character for this purpose (math* will find mathematics).
  • Search by phrase: An exact combination of search terms can be used. Search terms must be inserted in quotation marks (e.g. "teamwork in lessons ").

This search allows access to questionnaire instruments of educational research. It includes similar offerings from ZIS - Open Access Repository for Measurement Instruments by GESIS and the Open Test Archive by ZPID as well. Results are presented in separate tabs for each offering.

Test instruments are not integrated in this search yet, they can be found in our collection of test instruments.


Terms of re-use

Re-using instruments taken from the FDZ Bildung is only permitted for non-commercial issues and it is free of charge (see terms of use ). Please use citations - as in research contexts usual - to respect the copyrights of the authors.

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